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On this webinar, we’ll discuss tips on turning nurse leads into hires. The webinar looks at:

  • How to succeed as a nurse recruiter in today’s challenging environment
  • Hustle matters: ensuring your hiring process is efficient and effective
  • How your Employment Brand Proposition (EVP) impacts your ability to recruit and retain

Jim Burns brings more than 25 years of human capital management and healthcare experience to his current role at Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care, serving in senior-level recruiting and operations roles in clinical staffing and healthcare IT organizations.

Jim has built strong, cohesive recruiting teams and processes that helped fuel the growth of multiple companies where he has served. Jim’s mergers and acquisitions experience includes serving on pre- and post-merger committees.

He is skilled at ensuring the successful integration of cross-functional teams and promoting strong company cultures. Jim is passionate about people. He often quotes “I love what I do at Thrive SPC, as well as who I do it with and for. I’m blessed to work with purpose – every day.”

With over 25 years of healthcare and human capital experience, Jim Burns has seen it all. He’s currently responsible for nurse and caregiver recruitment as Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care. Jim has learned what works best to recruit nurses, and he leads his team to great results at almost 40 locations in 10 states. He shared his top tips for nurse recruiters in our recent webinar:

1. Be human

Every healthcare organization has 2 customers: your patients and your caregivers. Make every contact with nurse candidates pleasant, welcoming and friendly.

2. Speed

Contact candidates as soon as possible after they express interest – within hours or even minutes. And ensure your hiring process is quick and efficient while still ticking all the required boxes.

3. Persistence

If a nurse shows interest, keep trying until you reach them. Then stay in touch over the long term – maybe they’re not ready to make a move now, but they will remember you if you build a friendly connection and stay in regular contact. This can pay off months or years down the road.

4. Listen & adapt

What’s important to THIS nurse? Can you adapt your offer, schedule, etc. to meet their needs? Also, make the interview and onboarding process as streamlined as possible to meet the candidate’s needs (how about a Sunday morning interview when they get off work?).

5. Try new things

Whether it’s tech, a new channel, or a new process, try it! But test it in a controlled way so you can assess the results. And if it helped you recruit more nurses, then stick with it and make a bigger investment in it.

6. Did I mention “be human”?

Build a relationship with every nurse candidate, and find sincere ways to make them feel welcomed and valued by your organization. With so much competition for nurses these days, you need to do everything you can to stand out and reduce barriers for candidates interested in your organization. While you probably can’t control the amount of compensation or benefits on offer, you CAN control many other factors that will have a big impact!

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