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nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts

Nursing is in my blood

Hi, I’m Adam. I’m the President of Nurse Recruitment Experts. Originally from Northern Ireland, I’ve worked in various areas of recruitment, ranging from finding teachers for Language Schools to Doctors for Kaiser Permanente.


I’ve been around Nurses my whole life. My aunt worked at St Barts Hospital in London, England’s oldest hospital, which was founded in 1123. My cousin worked as a Nurse Manager at Great Ormond Street, the UK’s biggest Pediatric Hospital.


In 2018, I graduated college and started a marketing business called Applichat. In pursuit of the American Dream and contacts, I bought a one-way flight ticket and went to my favourite software’s convention in Houston.

Then my marketing agency gained traction

My first client was a Language school based in the Philippines. But they wanted to market something different – jobs.


I managed to acquire thousands of applications from teachers based in US, UK, Canada, and Australia.


Here I learned the power of digital marketing in recruitment. I was based in North America, the pupils in China, the client in Philippines and the teachers across the world!

But, here’s the twist in my story.

I wanted to make a greater social impact and kept hearing from the healthcare workers in my family back home…

"Adam...we're getting burnt out and patients keep coming. Staffing is a problem. There are not enough Nurses."

That’s how Nurse Recruitment

Experts  was born.

Canada and the US are currently facing a huge deficit of Nurses. With the aging
work force and fewer RNs entering the industry, the problem of staffing
shortages is climbing day by day. Since 2019, we’ve helped hundreds
of Healthcare Recruitment teams reach further and find high-caliber 
Nurses through strategic outreach and powerful marketing.
My mission is to help your brand get in front of as many Nurses as possible, and
for you to hire them. We’ve helped 1,000s of Nurses apply and get a new job.
Could the next hire be yours?

Join us in our mission.

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Adam Chambers

Adam Chambers


Patrick Thiele

Chief Revenue Officer

Jason McCarthy

Chief Operating Officer

Eileanoir Blair

Sourcing Manager

Andrea Jane Paquitan

Healthcare Recruiter

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