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Reach 10X More Nurses

Than Job Boards

Reach further, save time, hire more nurses

nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts

$95 million saved , 15 thousand sourced and hired , 3 million audience reached , $1.5 million spent.

Nurse Recruitment Experts, trusted by healthcare providers across USA and Canada

nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts
nurse recruitment experts


Your peers love working with Nurse Recruitment Experts

“Really Happy. We’re a Nurse Recruitment Experts fan! Really happy with the service
and Nurse leads we receive.”

Jim BurnsVP Talent Acquisition, Thrive SPC

More diverse Nurses. Very responsive. Nurse Recruitment Experts have been able to find candidates who had not responded to our ads or outreach.”

Kim GiglioManager of Recruitment, Overlake Medical Center & Clinics

“The Nurse Recruitment Experts results have been amazing. Many of the applicants are brand new leads
who we have not communicated with in the past.”

Jacob SchienTalent Acquisition Consultant, Springfield Clinic

“Extremely knowledgeable in healthcare. Their focus is nursing – which has made them the ‘master of the trade’. Nurse Recruitment Experts anticipate our needs and that is brilliant!”

Jennifer HarrisDir. of Talent Acquisition, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System

“Nurse Recruitment Experts are with us every step of the way. Very pleased. They are professional and responsive for our hard-to-fill nursing roles.”

Anne WeiHuman Resources Specialist, Woodstock Hospital

“Extremely successful! Nurse Recruitment Experts were timely in their communication, knowledgeable, understanding and open to feedback and alternative ways of working.”

Shoba GohilHR Consultant, St. Mary's General Hospital

Before: Unfilled positions, nurse burnout, poor patient outcomes

After: A flow of candidates, new hires weekly, optimism and calm

Reach further with strategic marketing.

  • Go beyond the job-hunters. We bring your vacancies to a new audience of nurses.
  • Reach 10x more nurses than job boards or marketplaces.
  • Get access to 3 million nurses.
  • Receive our tailored nurse retention strategies for your organization.
  • Get more qualified applicants, make more hires.

Every candidate is screened and pre-qualified

  • Generate a new stream of qualified candidates without extra work for your recruitment team.
  • Focus on only qualified, interested, and available nurses.
  • Our specialized recruiters call every candidate. You’ll receive only the best.
  • Engage quality candidates without sifting and screening. Relax and hit your KPIs.
nurse recruitment experts

Get a Nurse Recruitment Expert on Your Team

  • Crying out for a personalized and consultative nurse recruitment partner? We take time to understand what our clients need.
  • You’ll get one of our Experts as a consultant and ambassador for your culture and values.
  • With results-based pricing, no long-term contracts, and a focus on client intimacy, Nurse Recruitment Experts is your low-risk, high-reward partner for hiring nurses.

Nurse Recruitment Experts FAQ

Why should I choose Nurse Recruitment Experts?

  • Reach 10x more nurses than job boards or marketplaces.
  • Amplify the reach and recognition of your employer brand.
  • Save thousands of dollars worth of recruiters’ phone time.
  • Receive hands-on consultative support for improving your nurse recruitment strategy holistically.
  • Reduce agency and overtime costs by $100,000s annually.

How is this different from job boards, marketplaces, or staffing agencies?

  • Nurse Recruitment Experts is 100% self-funded – we work for you, not for investors.
  • As a boutique agency, our customers know us, and we know them.
  • We’re not trying to be the biggest, we’re trying to be the best for you.
  • We focus on amplifying your own nurse recruitment, rather than growing our marketplace or renting your staff.

What kind of healthcare providers do you work with?

  • Nurse Recruitment Experts help any employer who hires nurses or CNAs.
  • Our clients include hospitals, home health agencies, and senior living providers.
  • We also support clinics, hospices, and other organizations who provide care.
  • Tech vendors and staffing agencies use us too. We help source nurses for their own clients.

Will this work for my organization?

  • Nurse Recruitment Experts can help any healthcare provider. If you employ nurses, they work with you for a reason.
  • We help uncover that reason, discover what makes you different, and share your message with more nurses.
  • You’ll also hear our perspective on your nurse recruitment challenges and opportunities.
  • Contact us to learn more.
nurse recruitment experts