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Is talent acquisition in healthcare due for a re-think? Every healthcare talent acquisition team has no end of vacant positions, and not enough applicants. But, TA professionals are often overloaded with administrative activities that don’t allow enough time for sourcing new candidates. And many current TA processes have been in place for decades, even if they are not bringing the needed results.

Our next Nurse Recruitment Experts webinar guest believes it’s time to re-think – and flip – how healthcare talent acquisition departments function. We’ll discuss with Matthew Craven:

  • The common problems that bog down healthcare TA today, and how we got here.
  • His proposed “new model” for healthcare TA processes.
  • The DNA of a healthcare sourcer: what skills do they really need, and what role should they play in a new TA model?

Matthew Craven will be with us from Portland, Oregon, where he is the Talent Acquisition Sourcing Manager with PeaceHealth.

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