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December is the ugly duckling of recruiting months. We think it’s weak, difficult, and cold. Candidates aren’t applying; recruiters are on PTO. You’re trying to ace nurse recruitment, but how can you even compete with the allure of Christmas parties, roast dinners, and endless mountains of chocolate?

In contrast, January & February take the appearance of a triumphant swan. Applications rarely come thicker or faster. With the sore head of a new year’s day hangover, comes introspection from candidates: why do I work here? Where am I going? What is the meaning of my career?

In this webinar Adam Chambers, President of Nurse Recruitment Experts will be your guide through the highs and lows of Winter. He will talk about the ways you can ace nurse recruitment in December and January:

  • Why December calls for a change of strategy, rather than a full pause.
  • What opportunities December presents.
  • How to ride the wave of increased demand for new jobs in January.
  • Why a plan is crucial for navigating the icy plains of Dec – Feb.

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