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Quick Answer:

  • 1. Flexible working hours
  • 2. Learning opportunities
  • 3. Safe nurse staffing
  • 4. Reputation of the employer
  • 5. Values of the employer
  • 6. Location
  • 7. Pay
  • 8. Opportunities for progression
  • 9. Opportunities for development
  • 10. Staff engagement

Answer provided by Nurse Recruitment Experts

Yes, the nursing shortage is real. In fact, this is not something new. As the COVID-19 pandemic came and challenged the healthcare system, the already-existing shortage of nurses finally came to light. While the obvious solution is to recruit more nurses, it is even more critical to retain them as the cost of replacing an RN can be around $22,000 to over $64,000. Not to mention the cost of leaving vacant RN positions.

We’ve come across a lot of recruiters who have no idea what to put on their job ads, and one question we’re always asked is, “Do you know what nurses want?”. Knowing this will help you write a killer job ad and boost your recruitment ROI. Well, look no further. we’ll be listing down the top 10 factors to consider when nurses are looking for a job.

What Do Nurses Look for in a Job?

1. Flexible working hours

This is probably the no.1 factor to consider when nurses seek for a job. They want a job that gives them autonomy and a flexible work schedule, and this is especially true for millennials and ‘Gen Z’.

2. Learning opportunities

As cliché as it may sound, being a nurse is a lifelong lesson. They have to keep themselves updated with the latest technology and changes in the healthcare industry to provide the best quality of patient care.

3. Safe nurse staffing

What is the ideal nurse-patient ratio? How many are too many? This is an essential factor for nurses when considering a job offer.

4. The reputation of the employer

Oh yes, employer branding is crucial too, even in the healthcare industry. What makes your organization stand out from competitors? Nurses need to feel inspired when they are deciding where to apply.

5. The values of the employer

As a recruiter, you probably already know the importance of company culture in retaining the employees. Finding the right match of values and culture fit is what attracts nurses to a new role.

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6. Location

No surprise. Location is still one of the top considerations when searching for a job. A nurse’s duty may vary depending on the work location. They can be working in hospitals, nursing homes or public health offices. The area of the job has a significant impact on their job satisfaction.

7. Pay

Cold hard cash is a huge motivator. Being a nurse is undeniably one of the most stressful jobs, and getting compensated well is vital in attracting and retaining nurses.

8. Opportunities for progression

Lack of career progression remains a concern of nurses. Just like any role, nurses want to feel valued and take their nursing career to the next level.

9. Opportunities for development

This is especially true for newly qualified nurses, and a supportive environment allows them to develop their clinical skills and learn during their transition period.

10. Staff engagement

Is nurse burnout real? The answer is Yes. How well the employer engages with nurses can motivate them in providing better patient care and striving for higher patient satisfaction

Final Thoughts on Things Nurses Look for in a Job

You can’t deny the fact that marketing plays a big part in recruitment, especially in social recruitment. Understanding the nurses’ concerns during a job search can help you in crafting job ads that resonate with them.

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