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What is our Nursing Virtual Interview Event Service?

Our Nursing Virtual Interview Events are an innovative approach to modern nurse recruitment. Utilizing cutting-edge virtual meeting technology, we connect healthcare facilities directly with a curated selection of nursing professionals. This service is designed to streamline the interview process, making it more efficient and accessible. It’s an ideal platform for healthcare providers to engage with potential candidates in real-time, assess their fit, and accelerate the hiring process.

How Our Nursing Virtual Interview Event Works

  • Pre-Event Planning: Collaborate with us to define your staffing needs and preferences.
  • Candidate Sourcing & Screening: We source and screen candidates to find those who best match your criteria.
  • Event Execution: Conduct efficient and effective virtual interviews with selected candidates.
  • Post-Event Follow-Up: We assist with candidate evaluations and facilitate the next steps in the hiring process.

Benefits of our Nursing Virtual Interview Event Service

Our Nursing Virtual Interview Event is a cutting-edge approach that enhances the traditional nurse recruitment process. This service offers an efficient and expansive solution, bringing together the ease of digital connectivity with the depth of personal interaction. By utilizing our virtual event process, your hiring mission becomes more streamlined, cost-effective, and far-reaching, allowing for a meaningful evaluation of candidates from a diverse talent pool.

  • Efficient Hiring Process: Reduce time-to-hire with streamlined virtual interviews that connect you with candidates from anywhere.
  • Expanded Reach: Access a broader pool of nursing talent beyond geographical limitations.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Minimize recruitment costs associated with traditional in-person interviewing.
  • Personalized Interaction: Engage with candidates in a more personal setting, understanding their capabilities and personalities better.

Discover how our Virtual Interview Events will find nurses for you.


Advantages of Using Our Virtual Interview Events

Tailored Event Planning:

Each event is carefully planned to meet your specific staffing needs, ensuring a focused and effective interviewing experience.

Quality Candidate Selection:

We pre-screen all participants to ensure you meet only the most qualified and suitable nursing professionals.

Technological Ease:

Our user-friendly platform ensures a seamless interview experience for both interviewers and candidates.

Comprehensive Support:

Our team provides end-to-end support, from setting up the event to assisting with post-interview evaluations.

“Nurse Recruitment Experts are with us every step of the way. Very pleased. They are professional and responsive for our hard-to-fill nursing roles.”

Anne WeiHuman Resources Specialist, Woodstock Hospital


Why should I choose Nurse Recruitment Experts?

  • Reach 10x more nurses than job boards or marketplaces.
  • Amplify the reach and recognition of your employer brand.
  • Save thousands of dollars worth of recruiters’ phone time with Nurse Recruitment Experts.
  • Receive hands-on consultative support for improving your nurse recruitment strategy holistically.
  • Reduce agency and overtime costs by $100,000s annually.

How is this different from job boards, marketplaces, or staffing agencies?

  • Nurse Recruitment Experts is 100% self-funded and we work for you, rather than investors.
  • As a smaller, boutique agency, customers know us, and we know them.
  • We’re not trying to be the biggest, we’re trying to be the best for you.
  • We focus on amplifying your own nurse recruitment, rather than growing our marketplace or renting your staff.

What kind of healthcare providers do you work with?

  • Nurse Recruitment Experts help all employers who hire nurses or CNAs.
  • Most of our clients are hospitals, home health agencies, and senior living providers.
  • We also support clinics, hospices, and many other organizations who provide care.
  • Tech vendors and staffing agencies use us too. We help source nurses for their own clients.

Will this work for my organization?

  • Nurse Recruitment Experts can help most healthcare providers. If you’re still operating and you have nurses – they work with you for a reason.
  • We help uncover that reason and communicate it further. Contact us to learn more.
  • We’ll discover what makes you different.
  • You’ll also hear our perspective on your nurse recruitment challenges and opportunities.

Rely on Nurse Recruitment Experts for your Nurse Staffing Needs

Step into the future of nurse recruitment with our Nursing Virtual Interview Event. Embrace a more dynamic, efficient, and comprehensive approach to finding the right nursing talent. Get in touch with us to learn more about how this innovative process can transform your hiring mission and help you quickly connect with the nursing professionals you need.

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