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Episode Overview

What is the best way for healthcare employers to leverage virtual hiring events and quickly make hires? On this latest podcast episode we were joined by Drew Hebble, VP of Marketing Solutions at Brazen Technologies. Drew works with Brazen’s clients to help them source candidates for hiring events. He’s played a key role in campaigns for the University of New Mexico Health – making offers to nearly half of RN candidates interviewed – and larger events – facilitating thousands of interviews for high-volume call centre roles.

On this episode, we discussed:

  • Best practices for smaller events to hire for hard-to-fill positions and for larger events to hire for high-volume roles.
  • Communicating to candidates how a hiring event is unique and differentiated from your standard application process.
  • Enabling hiring managers and recruiters to use technology efficiently and to its maximum potential.
  • How Nurse Recruitment Experts and Brazen collaborated to interview 93 RNs for the University of New Mexico Health and 100+ RN interviews for 2 other hospitals.

Brazen gives recruiters a variety of recruiting tools like virtual career fairs, live chat, virtual interview scheduling, interactive microsites and automated candidate communications. Brazen’s conversational recruiting platform, rated the #1 Virtual Event Software by Capterra in 2022, is designed specifically for talent acquisition and is trusted by world’s most respected employers including Houston Methodist, CVS Health, Sentara Healthcare, Starbucks, KPMG, Neiman Marcus, Northrop Grumman and more.


In the healthcare industry, hiring can be a challenging process

One effective solution to this problem is to host a hiring event. Hosting a successful hiring event for healthcare positions requires a well-planned process that includes goal setting, candidate sourcing, screening, live virtual interviews, and follow-up. In this article, we will discuss these five steps in detail, following a conversation with Drew Hebble, VP of Marketing Solutions at Brazen.

Planning and goal setting

Drew started by quoting Abe Lincoln:

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

The first step in hosting a successful hiring event is to set clear goals and objectives. Start by identifying the positions you need to fill and the skills required for each position. Sharpen your axe, then, determine the date, time, and location for the tree cutting, ahem, I mean hiring event. Ensure that the location is easily accessible and has enough space to accommodate both employers and job seekers.

Once you have determined the details, set specific goals for the event, such as the number of attendees, the number of hires, and the overall success rate. Make sure you communicate these goals to your team and track progress throughout the process.

Candidate sourcing

The next step is to source potential candidates for the event. You can use various methods to attract candidates, such as social media, job boards, and referrals. NRX and Brazen collaborated to interview 93 RNs for the University of New Mexico Health, finding great success on Facebook. Make sure you target your outreach efforts to reach the right candidates for the specific positions you need to fill. Need to fill specialized positions? Consider niche job boards; new grads? Instagram works well.

It is also essential to communicate clearly about the event, including the job descriptions, requirements, and application process. Use a clear and concise language to ensure that candidates understand the opportunity and can apply accordingly.

Screening and scheduling

Once you have received applications, it is time to screen and schedule candidates for the event. This step requires a comprehensive screening process that includes resume reviews, skills assessments, and pre-screening interviews with a recruiter. The goal is to identify the most qualified candidates and invite them to the event.

When scheduling candidates for the event, make sure you communicate clearly about the timing, link, and agenda of the event. You can also use scheduling software (like Brazen) to automate the process and ensure that candidates are aware of the details.

Live virtual interviews

The next step is to conduct live virtual interviews during the event. This step requires a well-planned and structured interview process that includes specific questions and evaluation criteria. Make sure you provide a positive and engaging experience for candidates during the event. Be prepared to answer questions, discuss benefits, and sell the opportunity to candidates.

Next steps and follow-up

The final step is to follow up with candidates after the event. This step requires a structured process for providing feedback, communicating next steps, and making job offers. Make sure you communicate clearly with candidates, providing feedback on their performance and the status of their application.

It is also essential to maintain communication with candidates who were not selected, providing feedback on their application and future opportunities. Use this opportunity to build your employer brand and maintain a positive relationship with all candidates.

Hosting a successful hiring event for healthcare positions requires a well-planned process that includes goal setting, candidate sourcing, screening, live virtual interviews, and follow-up. Use this guide to plan and execute your event effectively, and attract the best candidates for your organization.

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