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What Does a Visiting Nurse Do?

A Visiting Nurse, often referred to as a Home Health Nurse, provides in-home nursing care to patients with a wide range of health conditions. They administer medications, perform wound care, monitor vital signs, assist with daily activities, and manage chronic illnesses. Their goal is to help patients recover from illness or surgery, manage their health independently, and achieve the highest quality of life possible.

Visiting Nurses assess the home environment for safety concerns, educate patients and families on care plans, and coordinate with physicians and other healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive care. They must be skilled in clinical assessment and have the ability to work autonomously.

They are employed by home health agencies, hospitals, or public health departments and play a crucial role in the healthcare system by providing accessible and personalized care to patients, especially those who are homebound or have limited access to traditional healthcare settings. Their compassionate care is essential in helping patients maintain their independence at home.

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