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What Does a Transplant Nurse Do?

A Transplant Nurse specializes in caring for patients undergoing organ transplantation, including pre-operative preparation and post-operative care. They work with patients receiving organs, such as kidneys, livers, hearts, and lungs, and with living donors. Transplant Nurses manage medication regimens, monitor for signs of organ rejection, provide wound care, and educate patients about lifestyle changes needed to maintain their health post-transplant.

These nurses need to have in-depth knowledge of transplant procedures, immunosuppressive therapies, and the complications that can arise from transplantation. They often work closely with transplant coordinators, surgeons, and a multidisciplinary team to ensure comprehensive care throughout the transplant process.

Transplant Nurses are employed in specialized transplant centers, hospitals, and clinics. Their role is critical in supporting patients through the complex and life-changing process of organ transplantation, from evaluation for transplant eligibility to long-term follow-up care.

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