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What Does a Telephone Triage Nurse Do?

A Telephone Triage Nurse is a registered nurse who manages patient care and provides health advice over the phone. This specialized role involves assessing patient symptoms, determining the urgency of the patient’s condition, and directing them to the most appropriate level of care. Telephone Triage Nurses must be able to make critical decisions quickly and provide clear instructions to patients seeking immediate medical guidance.

Their expertise is particularly crucial for patients who may be unsure whether their symptoms require a visit to the emergency room, an urgent care center, or if they can be managed at home. These nurses provide a vital service by helping to alleviate patient anxieties, offering home care advice, and potentially diverting non-urgent cases from overburdened emergency services.

Telephone Triage Nurses typically work for hospitals, medical call centers, or healthcare hotlines. They rely on their extensive nursing knowledge, excellent communication skills, and the ability to ask the right questions to ensure patients receive the proper care and information.

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