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What Does a Telenurse Do?

A Telenurse, or Telephone Triage Nurse, provides health advice and triage over the phone or via other telecommunication devices. They help patients by assessing their symptoms, advising them on the appropriate level of care needed, and directing them to the proper healthcare services. Telenurses play a critical role in healthcare by providing accessible information, guiding patients in making informed health decisions, and potentially reducing unnecessary emergency room visits.

Their responsibilities include making quick, accurate assessments of patients’ conditions based on verbal communication, providing home care advice, and sometimes scheduling appointments with medical providers. Telenurses must have excellent communication skills, extensive clinical knowledge, and the ability to make decisions without physical patient interaction.

Telenurses work for hospitals, healthcare call centers, insurance companies, or health information lines. The services they provide are increasingly in demand as the healthcare industry continues to evolve with telehealth technologies. Telenurses enhance patient care by offering an efficient and cost-effective way to access health services.

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