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What Does a Telemetry Nurse Do?

A Telemetry Nurse specializes in monitoring the vital signs of critically ill or cardiac patients using advanced technology. They work in telemetry units where patients are often at risk for complications that require immediate medical attention. These nurses are skilled in the use of electrocardiogram (EKG) equipment and other remote monitoring devices to observe patients’ heart rate, blood oxygen levels, respiration, blood pressure, and other data in real-time.

Telemetry Nurses must quickly identify and respond to any signs of patient distress or abnormal readings. They administer medications, perform cardiac interventions, and collaborate with healthcare teams to provide comprehensive care. Educating patients and families about cardiac health and recovery is also an integral part of their role.

Typically found in hospitals, especially within cardiac care units, intensive care units, and emergency departments, Telemetry Nurses play a critical role in the early detection and response to life-threatening cardiac events. Their vigilance and expertise in interpreting telemetry data are essential for patient safety and effective cardiac care.

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