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What Does a Telehealth Nurse Do?

A Telehealth Nurse, also known as a Telenurse or Telemedicine Nurse, provides remote nursing services using telecommunications technology. They support patients via phone, video conferencing, or online messaging to offer clinical services, health education, advice, and care coordination. These nurses assess patients’ symptoms, provide information on treatment options, monitor chronic conditions, and may also assist with medication management.

Telehealth Nurses must be skilled communicators, able to assess a patient’s condition without being physically present. They rely on their clinical knowledge and questioning skills to make accurate assessments and provide appropriate guidance.

These nurses work in various settings, including hospitals, health service providers, insurance companies, and dedicated telehealth services. Their role has become increasingly important in enhancing healthcare access, especially for individuals in rural or underserved areas and for those seeking convenient care management. Telehealth Nursing allows for timely healthcare delivery, which can lead to improved health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

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