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What Does a Research Nurse Do?

A Research Nurse, often referred to as a Clinical Research Nurse, plays a pivotal role in the medical research field. They are involved in the scientific investigation of health and illness in humans, with the primary goal of improving healthcare services and patient outcomes. Their responsibilities range from patient recruitment, obtaining informed consent, to the clinical management and monitoring of participants during a study. They collect data, manage and administer study treatments, and ensure adherence to the research protocol.

Research Nurses also act as a bridge between the study participants and the research team. They provide education about the study, answer any questions, and ensure that participants understand their role and rights within the research. They are integral in maintaining ethical standards and safeguarding the wellbeing of participants.

Typically, Research Nurses work in hospitals, universities, research institutions, or pharmaceutical companies. Their work contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge and the development of new treatments and healthcare interventions. Their clinical expertise and attention to detail are critical to the success of clinical research and trials.

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