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What Does a Rehabilitation Nurse Do?

A Rehabilitation Nurse specializes in assisting individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses in achieving their best function, health, and adaptation to their abilities. Their work involves helping patients adapt to an altered lifestyle while providing a therapeutic environment for patients’ and their families’ development. They typically work with a multidisciplinary team to create a comprehensive care plan that addresses the medical, social, and emotional needs of the patient.

Rehabilitation Nurses provide care that helps patients regain independence through the recovery process. This includes managing complex medical issues, assisting with pain management, providing wound care, and supporting mobility and activities of daily living. They also educate patients and families on coping with disabilities and offer resources for community-based support.

These nurses work in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, home health care, and long-term care facilities. Their expertise is vital for patients recovering from strokes, injuries, surgeries, or managing chronic conditions such as cerebral palsy, arthritis, or spinal cord injuries. Through their dedicated care, Rehabilitation Nurses play a central role in helping patients lead fulfilling lives despite physical limitations.

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