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What Does a Pediatric Nurse Do?

A Pediatric Nurse specializes in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. They focus on the physical, developmental, and emotional needs of their young patients, providing preventive health maintenance for healthy children and medical care for those who are acutely or chronically ill. Their responsibilities include conducting physical exams, diagnosing illness, interpreting diagnostic tests, and administering vaccinations.

Pediatric Nurses must be excellent communicators as they educate and support not just the patient, but also the parents or guardians about health conditions and the treatment plans. They need to have a gentle and reassuring manner, especially when caring for children who may be frightened or in pain.

These nurses work in a variety of settings, including pediatricians’ offices, hospitals, schools, and specialty clinics. Pediatric Nursing is a highly specialized field that requires knowledge of normal growth and development as well as the specific healthcare needs of children. Their role is crucial in ensuring that children receive age-appropriate medical care that promotes healthy growth and development.

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