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What Does an Ophthalmic Nurse Do?

An Ophthalmic Nurse specializes in the care of patients with eye disorders and diseases. They assist ophthalmologists by performing clinical tasks such as administering eye medications, educating patients about eye care, and preparing patients for eye surgery. Their responsibilities also include monitoring patients’ vision, providing post-operative care, and helping with procedures such as eye injections, laser treatments, and other outpatient eye surgeries.

These nurses need a detailed understanding of ocular anatomy and physiology, as well as the various diseases that can affect the eyes. They must be skilled in patient assessment and have a compassionate approach, as they often work with patients who may be experiencing vision loss or distressing eye conditions.

Ophthalmic Nurses work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, ophthalmology clinics, and surgical centers. They play a crucial role in preventing vision impairment and blindness by providing specialized nursing care, patient education, and support for those undergoing ophthalmic procedures or managing chronic eye diseases.

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