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What Does an Operating Room Nurse Do?

An Operating Room Nurse, also known as a Perioperative Nurse or a Scrub Nurse, plays a critical role in the care of patients before, during, and after surgery. They are responsible for maintaining a sterile environment in the operating room, preparing the patient for surgery, and providing assistance to surgeons and other medical professionals during procedures. Their tasks include setting up surgical instruments, ensuring equipment is functioning properly, and managing patient care and safety throughout the surgical process.

These nurses must have a thorough understanding of surgical operations and the ability to react swiftly and competently in high-pressure situations. They need strong organizational skills to manage the complex dynamics of the operating room and excellent communication skills to work effectively as part of the surgical team.

Operating Room Nurses work primarily in hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, and specialized surgical facilities. Their role is vital in ensuring that surgeries go safely and smoothly, contributing significantly to positive patient outcomes. They are often involved in patient education and recovery, helping patients understand the procedures they will undergo and aiding in their postoperative healing.

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