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What Does a Occupational Health Nurse Do?

An Occupational Health Nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in promoting and maintaining the health and safety of workers in various types of workplaces. Their primary focus is on preventing work-related injuries and illnesses by assessing risks in the workplace, implementing health and safety programs, and ensuring compliance with occupational health regulations. They conduct health assessments, manage cases of workplace injury or illness, provide emergency care, and facilitate health promotion activities aimed at improving overall worker health.

These nurses are skilled in identifying workplace hazards, conducting ergonomic assessments, and promoting the safe performance of work tasks. They often provide education on proper body mechanics, the use of personal protective equipment, and strategies to reduce workplace stress.

Occupational Health Nurses may work in a range of settings, including corporations, factories, construction sites, and government agencies. They serve as vital links between employers, employees, and regulatory bodies, ensuring that health and safety are prioritized in the work environment. Their role contributes significantly to reducing workplace injuries, managing occupational health issues, and promoting the long-term health and productivity of the workforce.

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