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What Does a Health Visiting Nurse Do?

Health Visiting Nurses, or Health Visitors, are registered nurses or midwives who have received additional training to provide families with children under the age of five with support and advice. Their work is centered around the early years of a child’s life, focusing on health promotion and education, preventative care, and reducing health inequalities. They conduct home visits to carry out developmental assessments of children, support parents with child health concerns, and connect families with additional resources and community services.

The role requires strong skills in communication, assessment, and community engagement. Health Visitors must be proactive in identifying health needs and risks within families and work collaboratively with other healthcare and social service professionals to ensure comprehensive support.

They typically work for community health services or public health departments and play a key role in national public health strategies aimed at giving children a healthy start in life. Their contributions are vital to early childhood development, supporting the well-being of both children and their families.

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