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What Does a Dental Nurse Do?

Dental Nurses assist dentists in the care of patients. Their duties can range from preparing the dental surgery, ensuring that the necessary equipment is available for dental procedures, to assisting the dentist by providing tools during patient treatment. Dental Nurses also play a role in infection control and decontamination processes, maintaining dental operating equipment, and providing support and reassurance to patients.

Good organizational skills are essential for Dental Nurses, as well as the ability to work closely with others, keen attention to detail, and excellent communication skills, since they often interact directly with patients, explaining procedures and providing post-operative care instructions.

They are typically employed in private dental practices, hospital dental services, and community dental clinics. Continuous learning is important for Dental Nurses to stay updated on the latest in dental technology and practices. Their contributions are vital in ensuring that patients have a safe, hygienic, and comforting experience during their dental visits.

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