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What Does a Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse Do?

Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurses, often referred to as Cath Lab Nurses, specialize in assisting with medical procedures that diagnose and treat cardiovascular conditions using catheterization techniques. Their core duties encompass preparing patients for cardiac catheterization and angioplasty, monitoring patients during these procedures, assisting physicians during the insertion of catheters and stents, ensuring sterile conditions are maintained, and providing post-procedure care and education to patients and their families about the recovery process.

A comprehensive understanding of cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, combined with proficiency in catheterization equipment and procedures, is essential for a Cath Lab Nurse. They must be quick-thinking, able to respond immediately to any complications that arise during procedures, and possess excellent communication skills to keep the patient informed and at ease.

Most Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurses are based in hospitals, specifically within cardiac catheterization labs, although some might also find roles in outpatient cardiac clinics. Their unique blend of technical skills and patient care ensures that individuals undergoing heart-related diagnostic or treatment procedures receive the safest and most professional care, helping to improve and potentially save lives.

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