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What Does a Camp Nurse Do?

A Camp Nurse is a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) who provides healthcare services in a camp setting. This role is crucial for maintaining the health and well-being of campers and staff, often including children and teens, in environments that range from wilderness programs to sports and educational camps. Their responsibilities encompass a wide variety of healthcare tasks, from administering daily medications and first aid to managing emergencies and providing health education.

Camp Nurses must be prepared to handle a range of medical situations with limited resources and often without immediate access to a hospital. They conduct health screenings, respond to any illnesses or injuries that occur, and ensure that the camp operates in accordance with health and safety standards. They may also be responsible for maintaining health records, coordinating with local healthcare providers, and organizing the transportation of sick or injured individuals to medical facilities if necessary.

To be effective in this role, a Camp Nurse should have a broad set of nursing skills, adaptability to various medical situations, and the ability to work independently. Strong communication and leadership skills are also important, as Camp Nurses often provide direction in health-related matters and need to communicate effectively with campers, staff, and parents.

Camp Nurses work during the camp season, which can vary but typically includes the summer months. The position might be residential, with the nurse living on-site for the duration of the camp, or day-based, depending on the camp’s nature and needs. This role not only ensures the safety and health of participants but also contributes to the overall positive experience of the camp environment.

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