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What Does an Ambulatory Care Nurse Do?

Ambulatory Care Nurses specialize in treating patients who receive medical care on an outpatient basis. These patients do not require hospital admission and usually visit medical facilities for diagnosis, treatment, and then return home the same day. Core responsibilities for these nurses include assessing patient conditions, administering on-the-spot treatments, preparing and educating patients for minor surgeries, providing care for post-operative patients after major surgeries, and teaching patients and their families about outpatient procedures and home care.

A foundation in general nursing practices combined with knowledge of a vast array of conditions and treatments is essential for an Ambulatory Care Nurse. Given the quick turnover of patients in an outpatient setting, these nurses must be efficient, organized, and skilled in rapid assessments. Continuous education on the latest outpatient care techniques, combined with strong interpersonal skills for patient education, is paramount.

They often work in settings such as outpatient care centers, clinics, physician’s offices, and even specialized surgery centers. With their comprehensive skills in outpatient care, Ambulatory Care Nurses play a pivotal role in ensuring that patients receive the necessary care in a timely manner, aiding in faster recovery and reducing the need for hospital admissions.

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