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What Does an Aerospace Nurse Do?

Aerospace Nurses are registered nurses who specialize in caring for the health of pilots, astronauts, and passengers during air and space travel. They are trained to address the unique challenges posed by the aerospace environment, such as the effects of G-forces, reduced gravity, and hypobaric conditions. These nurses provide pre-flight health assessments, in-flight medical care, and post-flight recovery support.

They must have a solid understanding of how different atmospheric pressures and oxygen levels can impact human physiology. Knowledge in aerospace medicine is crucial, as is the ability to respond to a variety of medical emergencies in an environment where traditional medical interventions may be challenging to perform.

Aerospace Nurses can be employed by space agencies, airlines, the military, or private aerospace companies. They may also engage in research to advance the understanding of health in space and improve care protocols for long-duration space flights. Given the expansion of commercial space travel, the role of Aerospace Nurses is becoming increasingly important in ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in this unique and rapidly evolving field.

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